About me


My name is Jens.
I’m a software developer grown into a people manager role. Read more about my professional career in my CV.

I like all things Python. Like this blog is made with Pelican or my home automation is running on HomeAssistant.

In my spare time, I enjoy computer games and tinkering with my home.


CS:GO game state integration for HomeAssistant

The integration can make your home react to the state of your game.
e.g. blink your RGB lighting when the bomb has been planted.


HomeAssistant digitalSTROM

I’ve built an API client and a custom component to integrate digitalSTROM home automation systems into HomeAssistant.
Then I screwed it all and replaced them with ESP based micro controllers like Gosund SP111 and Shelly devices - because free and open is much better then proprietary and heavily overpriced crap.