face.com image cropper

face.com is a face recognition service.
Unfortunately they only return face positions and not crop information.
Getting the best thumbnails from picture showing people isn’t even trivial when you already know where the heads are. Big pictures with small faces require different margins than small pictures with huge faces.
Various people on one picture are even another challenge.

At work, we’ve implemented an algorithm to find the best thumbnail crop positions using the face.com face detection service. Feel free to use it on your own projects.


face.com rate limit nagios plugin

Our current project at work uses face.com for face detection on user uploaded images. It works really smooth and the detection rate is fantastic. However face.com limits API requests to 5000 queries per hour. I’ve written a tiny nagios plugin to monitor the currently used requests and alert the team when we will exceed the limit. Feel free to use it, fork it and do whatever you want with it: