CityWeb (2002 – 2004)

CityWeb is a municipal intranet system for managing existing and introducing new fees. E.g. the german city of Püttlingen used it to launch the new “Split wastewater constitution”, a constitution where wastewater costs aren’t only calculated by fresh water usage any more. Instead the wastewater fee is calculated by fresh water usage and sealed areas on ones property.

CityWeb Screenshot

AutoCAD Map and Microsoft Access were used with VBA to calculate the sealed areas on each property.  The responses to an inquiry letter, produced with PHP and PDFlib, were processed by city employees using the CityWeb intranet system. Once the veto deadline had been elapsed, every property owner received a notification of charges.


Data gathering: Autodesk AutoCAD Map, Microsoft Access, VBA
Bulk letter production: PHP, PDFlib
Intranet system: PHP 4, MySQL 4, Apache on Linux